England's Glory - The Ultimate Session fake EP (1973)

Tonight I'll re-up al the England's Glory (first Peter Perrett's band) I posted on ths blog previously. More about this last session below. Catch it here.

This is the ultimate (since the last has been wrongly entitled so in a CD reissue) session by England's Glory, although the band is no more the regular one, but an occasional gathering consisting in Pretty Things guitarist Gordon Edwards, a keyboard player called Mick Kemp and Harry Kakoulli, the only survivor of the previous band line up. Contrary to the liner notes of The first and last sessions CD, I think this session is much better than the previous one (here). More Stones influenced, sure it could have been a possible development for the band. Moreover, "Trouble in the World" (same title but nothing to do with the future Only Ones song) is a diamond that would have deserved to be given another chance. I don't have anything else to post from this period but if you know some, thanx to tell me. For the cover sleeve, I took an image from Franz Fiedler. 


Thierry Chatain said...

Once again, thank you very much for these rare and precious tracks.
I've downloaded the .rar file from both sources, and each only contains "Trouble In The World" and visuals. So, what about "Predictably Blonde" and "Weekend"? I gather they're different versions than the ones on the "Predictably Blonde" EP, as the personnel is different. Is there any way they could be posted, please?

dkelvin said...

Oops sorry. I didn't notice. I upload the whole set tonight. Sorry again

dkelvin said...

OK, that's fixed. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

warm thanks , mz