Family - In My Own Time / Seasons (1971)

With this 7th single, released in June 1971, Family will at last reach the crest of the chart wave, peaking at n°4 in September, but more triomphantly, staying 13 weeks in this ocean of hits and misses. It is surely the peak of their career. This song (I mean "In My Own Time") has all I madly appreciate in the music of that 70-71 period. Something very basic, sometimes even rudimentary, not far from a back to prehistoric era approach, mixing trad. US music with some English folk reminicences. Think of Jethro Tull (Aqualung period), T. Rex ("Ride A White Swan" period), the Kinks ("Lola" and Muswell Hillbillies period) but also "Cuz I Luv You" from Slade or even Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" or "Gonna Step On You Again" from John Kongos and you got the flavor of the period. But Family was much less commercial in its way to play this song and this is all the more respectable. Notice that the electric piano solo on the bridge will serve for Cockney Rebel on Mr Soft (funny when you think that the only member who will be in both groups, Jim cregan, was not on any of these songs). The B-side is a great one too, and the outro totally unexpected and amazing. You can't do to yourself no harm in listening to it here. Interestingly, none of these songs were on any album. 

Lay down easy, stars in my eyes
Try not telling too many lies
Wake up feeling, not foolish or wise
And life goes with me, no matter what size
Now some seek Jesus, of flags they can wave
Won't touch nothing, unless it's been saved
But I say your neighbor deserves much more faith
And answer to yourself when you misbehave
You may think I'm wasting my time
Think what you think, you know I don't mind
But if I don't pick up what you choose to find
I'll be with you in my own time
I'll be with you in my own time
Mine is my freedom you take, I'll defy
Laugh till I'm tired, sing till I cry
Cause life is a moment you pass with a sigh
Never comes back sure as yesterday's by


Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog at random (I was looking for the Peel Sessions from the Ducks Deluxe, and the words "Peel Sessions" brought me to your John Cale Peel Sessions page).
I was happy to discover you were in Orange when John Cale played in 1975: I was there too (and nowadays I even live in Orange !!)
I find in your blog a lot of music I like. Thanx for all the Family singles !!!


Pekka said...

It is John Weider on that "Top Of The Pops" clip, not yet Wetton. Quite similar appearances but different Fenders!:)

dkelvin said...

Oh yes absolutely true. I don't know why I did this mistake. Thx

Shabba Thanks said...

thanks for the link, i heard this on the radio a little while ago and it was a freashbreath of air!

Jo Mac said...

Remembered this song from my distant past, but couldn't find it until now.
Great site, thanks a million