Family - No Mules Fool / Good Friend Of Mine (1969)

In 1969, between Entertainment and A Song For Me (and included in neither of these albums) and after Ric Grech was replaced by John Weider (for the better), the band released this superb single whose both sides deserved to be hits. The A-side, "No Mules Fool" is the perfect example of what English bands could do with traditional American music in the sixties and the seventies, I mean recreating them entirely and extracting what was non seculiar in this music to britishize it (the Stones and the Kinks did that splendidly too but many others too). The Chapman's voice is a delight and there's something in this song that announces bands like the Pogues or the Waterboys (and of course the Undertones). The B-side is demonstrated the drama ability of Chapman, making him a brother of singers such as French Ferré and Brel, or Scottish Alex Harvey and English Kevin Coyne. All fabulous interpreters of our most tormented inner souls. Here begins a fantastic period for Family, in musical terms at least. And this music strangely survives without being too much affected by the effects of time. Enjoy it here.


Rob J said...

just heard this haunting track on the radio thanks to Radio Six, for
the first time.

Why the hell it wasn't included on
any of their first two classic albums beggars belief, but it merits listening to.

Imagine Stevie Marriott meeting Tim Buckley, and you might be somewhere on the right track.

Great stuff from a group who never
really got the acclaim they deserved.

Pet said...

Brel was belgian. Cheers.

dkelvin said...

I know. I must remember that we live now in an ultra-nationalist European world. Far are the times when these things were of no importance. Happy to leave soon this world.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or did Roger Chapman never get the recognition he deserved for having a mad rock voice right up there with Joe Cocker's?

dkelvin said...

He didn't it's true but never has Charlie Whitney who composed almost all Family songs.