Family - Second Generation Woman / Hometown 7" (1968)

Sorry not to have posted lately, I got some home problem, quite funny when you consider that today's post is a rare one consisting in the B-side of a Family single released in October 1968 (midway between Doll's House and Entertainment albums) called "Hometown". Actually, you can find this song on a lot of compilations or as bonus track of CD reissues but when you listen to it, it's always the re-worked version featuring on Old Songs New Songs (with the violin) that you hear, even when the liner notes say it's from the single. So, I had to find and buy the single (I didn't own it) to pursue my Family singles series. Sorry for the quality sound, not as good as the seller told it was on his/her description, cracks are quite invasive but I did my best to lower them while keeping the sound quality of the voice (often there's a choice to do between the 2, I don't know why). It's a nice song but not a great one. Better than the awful A-side, due to Ric Grech, who will leave shortly after the band, not before having laid some of the weakest tracks on their next LP. I'm quite severe but honestly, compared to the Whitney-Chapman tandem, he didn't exist. Enjoy this 7" here.

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