Family - The Weavers Answer / Strange Band / Hung Up Down single (1970)

With this 3-song single (an EP actually but since it was only released in small format, I still call it a single), Family enters in a new period of its life, rawest, wildest, a mix between folk and Led Zeppelin's way to approach heavy rock, but keeping an experimental dimension, more in the use of unusual intruments than in the song structures, rather classic. What's not classic here is the fact that the song that was supposed to enter in the charts ("Strange Band") and written in capital letters on the cover sleeve is on the B-side, just before the 3rd song of the lot. Strange band indeed. This version is not the usual live version that will feature on Anyway 3 months later. Not even the alternative live version that was included in the BGO double CD reissue of Anyway. It can be found on the A Family Selection by Rhino records. Is it useful to add that these 3 songs are strong and still as excitating today than 40 years ago? I don't think it is. So enjoy it here.


TVEye said...

This link is to No Mules Fool. Not Strange Band. And its exactly the same link as the one actually posted for No Mules Fool elsewhere on the blog. too bad. Would love to hear Strange band.

dkelvin said...

Sorry. That's fixed. Enjoy