Forgo10 Songs - 10 Faves of 2011

A great year for music to my ears. If I was a little bit stuck to 70's and doom-sludge-dark metal, and surely have missed some stoner, mainstream rock, folk or pop gems (but I was not inclined to appreciate it this year), there was enough in this style to satisfy my ear appetite. Not sure they are the best albums (or EPs) of the year, but those I listened to the most or found the most impressive.

1. The Unthanks - Last (UK)

This album made almost half of my year. I was not hardly able to listen to anything else the months that followed its release. There was in it all that I was longing to find in the same album. The best of Rock Bottom and of Magic Lady, and this particular mysterious melancolic perfume that these 2 ladies can suggest with their voices. Their cover of "Starless" (here) is for me the musical peak of this year. I am so fixed on this album that I didn't find the courage to listen to their last one, covering Robert Wyatt and Anthony & The Johnsons, afraid to be deceived. To not find Last in the Best Albums lists of so-called musical specialists supports (for example Mojo, who put the last PJ Harvey as n°1 LP, is it a joke?) is for me the sign that all these guys and girls do not have any musical judgement anymore.

2. Uncle Acid & the deadbeats - Blood Lust (UK)

I didn't think it was possible to do a nostalgic, old school and revival doom LP and create an instant classic. Uncle Acid and the deadbeats did it. In mixing their Black Sabbath "fond-de-sauce" with Let's Active, they realized one of the best album of the first decade of the XXIst century. There are in this albums some classic songs that will be played by revivalists of the future. Post here.

3. An Autumn For Crippled Children - Everything (Nederland)

Another album I couldn't stop to listen to this year. Imagine Xasthur meeting the Cure with some gothic wings to fly over all the rubbish that makes our lives, and you got this incredible band who offers us here some of the most celestial music ever played. I would have imagined they were from very nordic landscapes but they are from flatlands. I can't wait to listen for more from them. Post here.

4. Battle Path - Storm and Stress (USA)

Each year, there's a massive, monstruous album of sludge doom that sticks you on the wall. This year, it was not far to be Guiltless from Indian but this US band had this something more that really did the difference for me. I know it's a high position for a new band, but each time I listen to this LP, I'm sure it's one of my year's faves. Note that they changed their name during the release of this album and that you can find it under the name of Black Majesty and then Battle Path. Post here.

5. Dark Castle - Surrender to all Life beyond (USA)

If the band really deceived me on stage, their LP was, after a period I didn't appreciate it, a highpoint for me this year. Once again, same as the 4 previous LPs (not of the band, but of this list), it was one of this album that I couldn't help to play again over and over, even if I don't think everything on it is a total success and if there were better albums musically speaking. But sometimes, there's something in an album that vibrates deeply with your inner self and this album has it. Post here.

6. Big Hurt - Comfort (USA)

I wouldn't have imagined to find anymore the excitation I felt when listening to the Bastards or the Hot Snakes some years ago. But Big Hurt (actually more a one-man band) was able to offer it to me. I used this short LP anytime I wanted to canalize my anger and my secret feeling to kill someone. Each song is a winner. And losers sometimes love to win. Post here.

7. Frequency of Butterfly Wings – The Butterfly Effect (Iran)

This year was the year I (rather lately) discovered Lifelover. And the year they lost their guitarist-composer and stop. A pity for sure. Meanwhile, in Iran (yes), Frequency of Butterfly Wings was proposing their Lifelover version of music and I love it. Free of any dogmatic categorization, they play what they want. This freedom, very few occidental bands show it. Maybe none. Deserves its place here. Post here.

8. Murkrat - Drudging the Mire (Australia)

When it comes to real funeral and medieval doom, Murkrat are for me the best. The music Carl Dreyer would have loved to backed his Dies Irae. The former LP was quite lo-fi but this one fulfils all expectations. You don't listen to such an album, you embark on a river of no-return. The lady conducting this project deserves to be considered as one of the great priestess, a sort of Nico of our times. Post here.

9. Dyskinesia – Dalla Nascita (Italy)

Once again, this album is here because of the excitation, jubilation and impression it made on me when listening to it the first time. Wild and mad, but also innovative and complex, it's anything you can dream post-rock could be. I don't see any other band, even those I really dig and posted on this blog, that could compete with this album. Post here.

10. Drear - We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer (UK)

Not very different from Dyskinesia, this UK duo provides the most intense and devastative EP of the year. Composed in 2009 but only released this year, it's difficult to imagine more electrocufying music. Khanate meets Skullflower. A must. Post here.

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