John Cale - Guts (1977)

A series of 3 John Cale re-up. Not that I'm listening to the great man these times but in case I suddenly die, it would be a shame that these gems are not available anymore. So here what I call a complete masterpiece, consisting in the most aggressive songs from his Island period. It's an official release. Catch it here.

Few official compilations can pretend to reach the status of a great normal album. Most of them compile the hits (or at least, the most famous songs) and add some unissued ones as bonus tracks to trigger the buying reflex of the fans. It's not the case of Guts and although Island was not kind with John Cale at the end of his contract, one must recognize that they didn't cash on him with a low conceived compilation since, from the cover sleeve to the playlist, everything is prime choice here (except that it could be a little longer). What's so singular is that Island gathered the wildest and most violent part of Cale's production during his years in this label. Since these songs were recorded between 1974 and 1975, it could have been actually a real album, if Cale had the wish to offer a rude and raw music load to us. It could have been since he was feeling quite insecure and unwell during these 2 years although he was very creative. Since the production and playing is not si different between his 3 albums, it provides a complete homogeneity to this LP. Moreover, US fans could find "Leaving It All Up To You", removed from the US version of Helen of Troy because of the mention of Sharon Tate (what a ridiculous way to act, censors are really the scum of the earth) and "Mary Lou" an unreleased track from the Helen of Troy sessions. With all that, you have one of the most intense and burning musical album of history. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thankyou!

MJG196 said...

I just picked this LP up from a $1 bin. Absolutely perfect album.

james mcmeekin said...

where is the links ?

dkelvin said...

On "here" of the "Enjoy it here". It seems to limit the request to remove the files.

Anonymous said...

Thankx for the John Cale albums !!
I'm sure I'll come back to your blog to pick up some more stuff ..