Meth Drinker - s/t (2011)

Sometimes you find a critics that say things much better anything you could ever think of. This is the case with this incredible album. A guy called IxI Killing wrote (here) "Have you ever put a record on and thought to yourself, “Since when did people inside insane asylums get to use instruments and why does it sound so fucking great?”. If you have thought that, believe me when I say you are not alone in this because when I listen to Meth Drinker’s self-titled debut full-length “Meth Drinker”, I get the same exact thoughts". And I had the same thought too. Honestly since the peak times of EyeHateGod or Autopsy I had not felt so disturbed by a band. Of course there has been some insane music proposed in the 2 last decades, more adventurous than this one (think of Khanate or Runhild Gammelsaeter for example), but here you can hear what's so specially fucking demential in sludge-doom, a sense of extreme terrorized vision of the world. It's crime being committed not related you feel to listen to. They are from New Zealand, a land that gives us more and more great bands and photographers and models. Impossible to miss if you're in real hate music. One of the highlight (actually lowdark) of this fucking awful year. Enjoy (not totally appropriate but I use it each time so let's go) it here.

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