The Only Ones - Live at the Paradiso (1979)

Required a day, re-up the next. Since Peter Perrett did some public appearances this summer with a backing band (not THE Only Ones unfortunately), it's not so sad to put here some old material such as this show from 1979. More about it below. Catch it here.

After England's Glory, let's go back to the Only Ones. After their singles, previously posted, some posts about their live recordings. This one was recorded at the Paradiso, the famous Amsterdam's concert hall, and captured on the 3rd of November 1979, some months before their last LP Baby's Got A Gun was released. It was apparently broadcasted by a Dutch radio but I don't know which one. If the playing is far from being perfect and often Peter Perrett seems a little elsewhere (not too much vocally, but his guitar is quite erratic and John Perry must do all the job), there are some stunning versions of "Big Sleep" or "The Beast" where one can understand why for some of us the Only Ones will remain was of the greatest and most exciting and moving band of our lives. This concert was released on CD on various labels according to countries (on Jungle in UK) but the cover sleeves were rather basic and ugly so I decided to do mine. Not a chef d'oeuvre but somewhat nicer I think. Below some videos that caught the band in 1979 (sorry for the French TV doc, with the speaker (Antoine De Caunes) covering the intro of "Another Girl Another Planet", he deserved some kickass.


algabal said...

Just wanted to leave a general comment that I find you to be a very astute critic and am very thankful for all these great treasures you are giving us.

This site has made a big Alain Kan fan, despite not speaking French, unfortunately!

dkelvin said...

Thx a lot for your nice comment. I couldn't have greater hope with this blog than to make love and adopt Alain Kan by visitors, and in particular non-speaking French ones (since Alain Kan's texts strongly contribute to his genius, they are among the strongest ever written in songs). This is my Xmas blog's gift and you were Santa Claus.
More for you to love on FS in the future I hope.

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Thanks a lot for your kindness, it will be a long time !!!


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dkelvin said...

True. Totally corrupted. Like a politician. I re-upped it. I think it's OK by now.
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princecharly said...

Hi - what a great blog. A really interesting and varied choice of music.

Any chance of reposting the Only Ones Paradiso gig please?

dkelvin said...

Of course yes. Tonight for sure.

princecharly said...

thanks for the reposting :)

iceman said...

Hi dkelvin! Thanks for all the hard work and time spent sharing your fine music! I look forward to scanning your posts for a good long time. May good things happen to you always! Peace from Alaska.