Space Bong - The Death Of Utopia (2009)

Sometimes, you listen to dozen of bands that leave you cold as death and wondering if anyone has still some ambition in the world of stoner sludge doom or death and black metal, and if specialized blogs really do think all the good things they say about most of the rubbish they post, when you suddenly freeze these bad thoughts, sure that you found THE band you were looking for after more than 3 hours. This band is Space Bong (not a good name if you ask me but you don't), they're Australians and they're what I call a "larger than life" band, this life being rather death actually. Imagine a mix between Khanate when they play not too slow and Autopsy when they play slow, you have something of the incredible unsane climax rising from the musical tomb of this band. Honestly, if I had discovered this album when it was released, it would have been in my Top 5 of 2009, no hesitation. Actually, it was recently made available on bandcamp if I judge by my informations, but I'm not sure. What I'm sure of is that it's impossible, if you like true pure and extreme doom, to miss such a monstruously good band. If you're in Thou for example, this will be (if it's not since I'm a bit late this time) you're second fave present band. Enjoy it here and then support them on their bandcamp there. They deserve it. Note that it's their second LP, but the previous was quite different. Available too on bandcamp.

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