Str.... - Live at the Paris Theatre (1973)

I try to post again a Str.... record. Try cos' my last posts of this band were removed after a request by "don't know who" under the DMCA banner. Here is the first of concert series released on this blog. The sound is exceptionally good since it is taken from a radio take. This is the band in it's first period line-up, that means with Hudson & Ford (but also with Dave Lambert), caught 4 months after the release of their Bursting at the Seams successful LP. But the band had only weeks to live before splitting. It's an interesting testimony of the songs as they were played with this formation, to be compared with their interpretation with the next one. Personally, I find that the concert is weakened by the Hudson & Ford songs, such a different climax than the intense and oppressive Cousins ones. It would have been a benediction if Cousins had been more tyrannic like a, for example, Ian Anderson or Peter Hammill. Nevermind, this is a prime choice to taste here.

The Hangman & The Papist.
The village square stands quiet The curfew still enforced The streets are even clear of dogs and whores Like some evil bird-of-prey The scaffold spreads its wings The people build their fires and bolt their doors The mayor is giving dinner to the officers’ wives His eldest son is learning how to fawn The barrick block is hushed and tense The soldiers
drawing lots Who will be the hangman in the dawn? The lot falls on a young man Who has served for but a year His home is in the village close nearby He shivers at the thought of what He’s forced to do next day He wonders who it is who has to die? And the full moon casts a cold light On the gloomy prison walls The papist walks his cell He cannot sleep He hears the waiting gallows creaking Just beyond that door He prays for he has no more tears to weep The day begins to break A muffled drums begins to sound A crowd begins to gather in the square The presence of the hangman In his terrifying mask Weighs heavy on the minds of all those there The colonel reads the sentence Which the papist knows by heart: He has failed to show alliegence to the king His crime is thus with God himself And in his name he must hang The papist, head held high Says not a thing The jailer binds his handsAnd puts his blindfold to his eyes He leads him through the door before the crowd The hangman sees his victim And the blood drains from his face: He sees his younger brother standing proud The hangman tries to protest But is ordered to proceed His trembling hands begin to take the strain His eyes are blind with streaming tearsAnd he cries for all to hear: Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!Oh please forgive me God we hang him in thy name! Forgive me God we hang him in thy name!

The Hangman & The Papist

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Ominous Black - Repressed memories of the collective subconscious EP (2010)

How many more fantastic bands in the further months? Iit's a real paradise time for hell's music lovers as I am (for 20 years now, quite a part of my life actually). Here again an ear orgasm with this US band and this 3 tracks EP. All the Sleep heritage mixed with the Neurosis one in a sapid and terrific mixture with something of Khanate in the vocal's approach. There's even something of the best math-rock (old Don Caballero, not the boring descendants). You see it's not the usual "let's doom as others did before us" style (so many, and often congratulated by unexplainable positive critics by specialized blogs and webzines). Nothing to add that this is a necessary EP to have. Go on their bandcamp page to hear it and support them. Meanwhile enjoy it here.


Free - Wishing Well / Let Me Show You (1972)

In November 1972, after difficult recording sessions with a new Free line-up (Andy Fraser went cos' of too much arguing with Paul Rodgers and was replaced by Tetsu on bass and Rabbit on keyboards) and a less and less present-to-the-world Paul Kossoff, the band released this fantastic song on a A-side of a single. It will be quite a hit, announcing one of the most cursed, bleak and stunning album of rock history: Heartbreaker. The lyrics (see below, are maybe, like most of the album lyrics, about Paul Kossoff, but nothing's sure). The B-side is a rather weak track that won't feature on the album. This Free line up will be short-lived, the fight between Rabbit and Paul Rodgers becoming too violent. The future will be Bad Company (for Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke), Sharks (for Andy Fraser) and Back Street Crawler (for Paul Kossoff), nothing to stand up next to this awesome band that was Free. Enjoy this last gem here on the Single compilation.
PS (personal side). I did this upload from work, the reason it worked, but I won't be able to do that too often)

Wishing Well. Throw down your hat, kick off your shoes I know you ain't goin' anywhere Run 'round the town singin' your blues I know you ain't goin' anywhere. You've always been a good friend of mine, But you're always sayin' "Farewell" And the only time that you're satisfied Is with your feet in the wishing well. Throw down your gun, you might shoot yourself...Or is that what you're tryin' to do? Put up a fight you believe to be right And someday the sun will shine through. You've always got something to hide Something you just can't tell And the only time that you're satisfied Is with your feet in the wishing well. And I know what you're wishing for Time in a peaceful world Time in a peaceful world Time in a peaceful world Time in a peaceful world You've always been a good friend of mine, But you're always sayin' "Farewell" And the only time that you're satisfied Is with your feet in the wishing well.
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Blog's out temporary

I'm afraid I won't be able to post anything for some time since my connexion is awfully slow for the last 3 days, and makes quite impossible to upload anything on rs or any picture on the blog. Don't know where is the problem. Bad times are still going on. See you sooner or later if the web devil helps me.


Maegashira - The Stark Arctic (2008)

Released more than 1 yr ago, this LP is stunning and I missed it for a reason I ignore. It's a gem. If you like your doom as it was played by Sleep in their formative years but also bands like Switchblade, the whole with a stoner feeling, you will love this more than anything else cos' this band success in mixing these 3 styles (don't forget the Melvins on "Ammonia for Sweat"). You can travel far, far away with such a powerful music. Leave all the filth behind you and fly in cold but peaceful places. It's at the same time introspective and cosmogonic, a kind of quality that you can't find in other styles than stoner doom. Strangely this US band sounds sometimes more like a Nordic one but I doubt any band could be so bluesy when they get stoner and still reach such a high level when they are atmospheric. The 22 min of the last track ("Back To Muro") is really fantastic, growing in your ears like a snake, one of the best doom sound creature since "Jerusalem/Dopethrone" with a Khanate influence that gives it something totally terrifying. This is apparently their first LP and they deserve to be strongly supported. Get it here and go to their myspace to buy it in CD for only 8$ there.

Back To Muro

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Free - Little Bit Of Love / Sail On (1972)

After failed attempts to form new bands, Peace for Paul Rodgers, Toby for Andy Fraser and Kossoff, Kirke Tetsu & Rabbit (strangely the most successful of the 3), they reformed Free mainly (they said) for Paul Kossoff who was drowning more deeply in his psycho-pharmacologic ocean. They recorded a really great but totally depressing album called Free At Last that was rather a success too (n°9 in the charts) and some weeks later "A Little Bit Of Love" was also a hit (n°13) and it deserved to be cos' it's really a fantastic rhythm and riff agencement. So many bands copied Free but none understood the magical touch of this band. On B-side, there was one of the most moving and depressing song of the LP (not an unissued one) called "Sail On". Free was able to win on both sides, the emotive and the efficient ones. I put both songs in streaming cos' they deserve it both. And get the single here on the singles compilation.

Sail on

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Sail on.
Sail on my brother Sail on through the night Sail on my sister Sail on through the night Beautiful as the day is long Beautiful as the day is long Sail on your troubles Sail on through your doubts Sail on your worries Sail on soon you'll work it out Beautiful as the day is long Beautiful as the day is long I've always been a believer In the good things of life But they don't all come wrapped in cellophane And they don't always seem to turn out right They don't always seen to turn out right I've always been a believer In the good things of life But they don't all come wrapped in cellophane And they don't always seem to turn out right No, no, no, They don't always seen to turn out right Sometimes they do not Humm.... sail on.


Diesto - High As The Sun (2009)

Contrary to what the cover sleeve may suggest, this is not desert stoner rock à-la-Kyuss but real heavy Melvino-doom with something actually less urban indeed and more, much more melodic. The vocals are very clever, using a vast spectrum of modulation. The guitars sometimes find the mysterious sonority of the best Paranoid LP tracks (eg. on "Waiting For The Fall") and it's jubilatory. All in all, a superb way to mix the Sabbath heritage with something more tribal, with a warrior dimension that make you want to get your fingers out of your ass and do the revolution. Maybe one day before leaving my bones or ashes (did not choose) to posterity. Enjoy this masterpiece here. Hope they'll do another one soon. Their myspace here. If you like it, please support them and buy the dl version or more likely, the CD version ont heir bandcamp page there.


Free - My Brother Jake / Only My Soul (1971)

In March 1971, after the failure of Highway in the charts and a tour raising oppositions between Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers while Paul Kossoff was slowly drowning in addiction (mandrax, heroine and alcohol it seems), the band was back in studio but after lying some new songs it was clear that the magic was over and that they had to split. Strangely, the destiny of a song "My Brother Jake" (surely a text about Paul Kossoff), would contribute to bring them back together some months later. Actually it reached n°4 in British charts in May 1971 and stayed there 2 weeks. It was backed with "Only My Soul", 2 songs that would only stay on singles and on various compilations. Difficult to say what would have been the album if they recorded one in March 1971 but it seems rock was progressively getting out of their mind. More to come. Enjoy it here on the single compilation.

My brother Jake. My brother Jake, hat, shades, head in a daze My brother Jake, have you thought about changin' your ways? He goes out, he don't have no doubt He don't have to know what the world's about My brother Jake, head, down, it's a scrapin' the ground Jake, stay away, you know you can't always be down He goes out, he don't have no doubt He don't have to know what the world's about I said Jake, now won't you wait What's got into you Your candle is burning, the wheels are turning What you gonna do? My brother Jake, won't you start again try makin' some friends Jake, it's not too late to start again by making amends He goes out, he don't have no doubt He don't have to know what the world's about I said Jake, now won't you wait What's gone wrong with you Your candle is burning, the wheels are turning What you gonna do? Hey, I said Jake, don't you wait What's gone wrong with you? Your candle is burning, the wheels of time are turning What you gonna do? Yeah I said Jake, Jake, Jake, won't you wait What's got into you - oh Your candle is burning, the wheels of time are turning What you gonna do? Listen, I'm gonna break you Jake Because you got what it takes To give a whole lotta people some soul


Blue Aside - The Orange Tree EP (2010)

If you think not possible to mix the best of Black Sabbath, High Tide, Iron Butterfly and Pink Floyd with sludge and doom (more specifically Yob, Sons of Otis, Boris) without sounding old time boring nostalgic stuff, listen to this record, one of the best things to emerge in the late months. There are so many strenghts in the music of this Boston trio that it would need a long long text to describe it correctly. All I can say it's that it will become one of these records that you can't get off during days and days for many of you. Unfortunately it seems they don't propose any other way to get this EP than on itunes (?). Hope they will offer the opportunity to buy it in vinyl or CD format. If you want to support the band, please dl it in a payment way, it's in better compression than the one I found (181 kb). Enjoy here.

Otis' Sun
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Free - Stealer / Lying in the Sunshine (1970)

Let's try again to post a Free single. The next after biiiiiiiiiiip Right Now. It was a big disappointment for the band who was sure to have a gem (and it is) but it failed to reach the same chart altitude than All biiiiiiiiiip Now. Worst of all, the B-side was a weak track from the Free LP whereas it would have been better to put another song from Highway, the album following the single some weeks later, with still less success. We were in the Autumn of 1970 and it was the end of a incredibly brief honeymoon between Free and success. It's true that the band seemed to suicide with a bunch of so desperate songs full of regrets, tears and melancholy. But this was as they were. Authentic. If they let it on, get it here on the single compilation. Not like All Right biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.


Free? Actually not

Received this:
"Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to "draft" status. (If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.) This means your post - and any images, links or other content - is not gone. You may edit the post to remove the offending content and republish, at which point the post in question will be visible to your readers again"

It's about "All Right Now" from Free. They want to still win the cash on it. Even if I'm sure I contribute more in posting this single to encourage many to buy Free stuff than I steal them. So OK, I'll withdraw it. And will post the next one. It's called "The Stealer". I'm not sure it will stay longer. Not sure too that this blog will still resist a long time before being forbidden. Take all you can the quickest you can.


BIIPIIGWAN - God's Hooks (2010)

A great US band mixing noise and sludge in a stunning way (not sure the name is really a good one but we'll do with it). It's one of the best surprise of the last weeks and I'm sure it will stand quite a long time. If you're in Converge you'll surely appreciate. But for me, it's more sapid since the sludgy dimension is much more present. If you're in a quite disgusted mood and full of hate for humankind, it's quite a good thing to listen to I assure. Buy the solid version if you like the LP here please. They deserve it and we need bands like this to survive. Try it beforehand here.

In War

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A nice video for an older song


Consciousness Removal Project - Did You Ever Think It's The End Of The World? (2010)

Shit. Discovered some days earlier, this fantastic LP would have been in my list of the best LPs of the year and at least one of the tracks among the selected for my Bloody Hell Faves. This Finish band apparently led by a young man plays the best atmospheric doom since Omega Massif. Moreover, they dare to use totally unusual instruments and sounds (electric piano, sax) that seem strangely completely natural. And they create (I thought it was no more possible) new and sublime riffs and themas, in a genre that has been quite overcrowded by post-Mogwai & Pelican imitators. Their last album should really be possible to buy given its quality, but it's freely dl on their bandcamp site here (they decided some days ago to shut their myspace, it seems the new one is a nightmare for users, stupid idea of all these space providers to always change for worse, are they totally dumbass or what?). Sorry for those who come here for oldies, I'll post some soon, but during these awfull X-mas and New-Y festivities, doom is the only thing I can listen to if I want to still be alive next week. Enjoy this masterpiece here.

Romero - Solitaire 7" (2010)

Let's begin the year with strong stoner doom from a US based trio called Romero. This is their first single but there's a 3-song EP version of it. Try to buy it if you like these 2 ones. And I'm sure you will if you come on this blog for sludgy doom (but it's not the majority of visitors I must admit). I hope 2011 will reach the level of quality in this genre of music than the 3 previous years which have been quite exceptional I must say. And I'm an old dumb bastard sliding toward death and who have lived quite a lot of periods in music, so believe me (or not after all, I don't deserve it just cos' I'm old). Enjoy this new gem here. And their myspace there.

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