Capillaries - Into the History of Light (2012)

It's been a long time that I didn't fall for a math-post-rock band. I tend to keep stuck on Foxhole these days. But here, maybe my state of mind, in search of some intelligent and peaceful music, I found what I was looking for with these American musicians (from Atlanta), grouped under the name of Capillaries. It's intrumental, less sludgy than Pelican, less complex than Don Caballero, less etheral than Slint, less all this but finally more pleasant to listen to. I'm sure this will do your winter evenings too. Enjoy it here and then buy the stuff on their bandcamp (here) to help them to go on and record something more.


At The Graves - II (2010)

Another band I had missed when their stuff was released. They are from Baltimore and they play this kind of dirty and atmospheric sludge I love so much (with a touch of stoner). It's poweful, raises a notion of strange grandeur even if the smell of mud and rotten corpses is the main sound perfume. It's heavy, electric and wild as few others are and they stand proudly next to the chiefs of the genre. They seem to be in the process of release new stuff this month. I'll keep you informed. Between 2 mad and freaky oldies, don't forget to listen to the today's madness and freakishness (is it English?). Enjoy this great second opus here (but take care, it's not for everyone ear, and bleeding eardrums are to fear). Their bandcamp there.


Family - Sweet Desirée / Drink To You (1973)

Sad to end this Family singles story with one of their weakest, "Sweet Desirée" (released as the single extracted from the It's Only A Movie LP released the same month, Septembre 1973) being really a second-hand song (à la Dr John) according to the band's standards, but it seems that it was no more their ambition to be an exploratory reference with this new line-up. So, this single (the 11th) is only interesting because he has a B-side, but since it's a weak song too, this does not add much interest. But it's the last so here it is. And after all, "Sweet Desirée" can be hummed on mornings under the shower and helps to make the day less bleak to face. Later, I'll post some live shows and the complete BBC sessions.


Cathode Ray Eyes - There are sounds in your head that need to get out (2012)

Here's a really unexpected surprise for me: falling for a brit psychedelic record. A side-solo project from the guitarist of The Cult of Dom Keller, this lo-fi EP could be one of the rare non-doom and non-70's and non-Peter Perrett-derived thing to heat my old soul during this sinister winter. If you're in the most lo-fi Robyn Hitchcock, TV Personalities, Primal Scream and even Grahma Coxon solo stuff, you will dig this sonor-UFO coming from some other mind's madness. Actually this had to go out of his head to fill ours. The bandcamp here. Go and support the man buying his stuff. Try it here. PS. I love the cover sleeve.


Family - Boom Bang / Stop This Car 7" (1973)

In April 1973, the band had Tony Ashton on keyboards and Jim Gregan on bass and released their first single in this formation, the great and underrated "Boom Bang", a song in line with Alice Cooper's "Hello Hooray", T. Rex's "Metal Guru" or Roy Wood Wizzard's "This is the story of my Love". Saturated with horns and screams, it's a Spector's influenced song such as there were several between 1972 and 1974 (and not so much since then). This is with this song I went back to the band after leaving them after Anyway. Sad it was not a Hit and not even entered the Charts. The B-side was not on the future album and can be found only rarely on CD. A "Ronnie Lane goed country" style that shows the evolution the band was taken with Ashton now in. Not one of their best but interesting anyway. Enjoy it here.

Sick and tired, all hay-wired, fever that's for sure
Moon, lune girl erection for a cure
Boom bang, shotgun man
I said I feel as if I'm dead
Cos I got those TV nudes
Running through my head
Scratch scratch, old Tom cat
Screaming every night
He's going round smelling every one-eyed she-cat in sight
Full grown, big yellow moon
Excite me awful bad
But it make all the girls come running
Cause they like it mad
Sick and tired, all hay-wired, fever that's for sure
Moon, lune girl erection for a cure
Wang dang, pocket man
Couldn't even raise a thought
So while passing he would flash till he got caught
Horned toad, rooster crow
But it all add up to just one thing
When the men specie get hot
Then they sure do sing
Boom bang, shotgun man
I said I feel as if I'm dead
Cos I got those TV nudes
Running through my head


The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood (2010)

I don't want to be too often apologetic since you finally won't believe me anymore but The Body is really what I'm desperately and enthousiastically in search of when I'm travelling on the web, in quest of something exciting to listen to. You'll say that I'm quite late this time since the 3xLP vinyl was released in July 2010 and I agree I'm not the most vigilant and trusty blogger for experimental music, but after all, the worst would have been not to discover them. They are 2, they are from Rhode Island, and they do one of the most inovative music since Khanate or Gnaw Their Tongues. As said one blog (here) "you could write a master's thesis on how awesome this album is". I definitively agree and it would much less boring shit than most of the theses. Consisting in 7 tracks that make us travel through incredibly various and unusual sonor universes, this would have been without hesitation in my Top 10 of 2010 if I had discovered it before. It's a rather tuff experience to endure, but it deserves to be tried. We have only one life after all. And as Bataille said, "without extreme life doesn't worth it". If, like me, you had missed it, enjoy it here. And please, don't keep stuck to the old 70's stuff, really, this kind of masterpiece is the great music of our times. If you like music, how comes you can't appreciate the one of our times. Do you imagine Bach's fans not appreciating Shostakovitch? (wrong example since I think there are many). Their myspace here.


Wreck of Hesperus - Terminal Dirge (2004)

Yes I know, some of you were maybe rather satisfied not to see anymore true rough and raw doom posted on this blog. It was only a brief absence since here this you-think-it's-boring-I-think-it's-stunning genre is back again with a rather ancient demo from an Irish band I had in my stock for quite a long time and that I can't imagine not to post here for those who are in old-school doom, the one mixing Sleep and Autopsy (but some others too). Its the first of a series of releases from them I'll try to post here since they deserve it. I didn't find a better quality cover sleeve so I kept it small. But the music is great. Their fb page here. This great first shot there.


Family - My Friend The Sun / Glove 7" (1973)

I won't hide that "My Friend The Sun" is surely my fave Family song, and one of the songs that yields shivers and tears the most easily in me. With its Ronnie Lane's Faces mood, its one of the greatest folk song ever written and Roger Chapman sings it with an unrreal "delicatesse". Strange release actually since in January 1973, the band was no more the same than during the recording of this song, Poli Palmer and John Wetton having quitted for other horizons and Jim Gregan and Tony Ashton being in. Sad it was not a hit but surely the era was not appropriate for such a delicate and melancholic song that reaches the standards of the best Ray Davies, Macca or Brian Wilson ones. When you think that "Glove" is also a masterpiece, you can bet this single is one of the greatest ever released. Enjoy it here. The cover sleeve's definition is not very good but I didn't find better one and I don't have the single.

Well, I know that you're lonely, come in from the cold
Your shoes they need mending, your clothes they look old
Won't you pick up your pieces, it's never too late
Though it's never early to make a mistake
As soon as you wake
Although there's been rain and it's coming again
Change has to be here obviously
Though my friend the sun looks well on the run
He's there in the distance if you care to see
Well, I know that you're waiting, come out from your shell
There'll come a time you'll remember it well
When you take all the good times from chances you've had
Chances you've made and what you've learnt from the bad
It's never so sad
Although there's been rain and it's coming again
Change has to be here obviously
Though my friend the sun looks well on the run
He's there in the distance if you care to see - see
If the season were reason, then there'd be no doubt
A sequel of changes worth putting you out
But on the question of whether you heard a lie
Answer yourself looking straight in his eyes
Don't you realize
Although there's been rain and it's coming again
Change has to be here obviously
Though my friend the sun looks well on the run
He's there in the distance if you care to see - see


Drear - s/t (2007)

You saw that We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer was in my 2011 top (forgo)10 (here) although recorded in 2009 but released last year. So, if you credit me of some judgement in matter of music, maybe you listened to it, and if you loved it, here their previous recording (don't know how to call these 3-track MP3 formats with 30 min on). I don't like the name of demo. For me, it's a finished work and could stand proudly next to so-called officially released LP with 60 min of rubbish or previously-heard-1000-times music. If this first shot is not totally the masterpiece of Fertilizer, it's still one of the best thing in the Khanate-influenced doom domain mixed with black metal I ever heard. Hope they'll be out of their relative unotoriety and become famous (and remove one day my file calling me a thief like do most of those who meet success even if blogs have first help them to be heard). Meanwhile, enjoy it here, you won't regret your travel in terror, anguish and chaos, specially the incredibly menacing "Paramount Crematorium"


Family - Burlesque / The Rocking R's (1972)

In August 1972, one month prior to the Bandstand LP release, the band issues this single with the A-side a band like the Faces would have dreamed to compose. Very Stonian, it's a hit, and should have reached an higher place in the charts than this modest n°13 (but it stayed 12 weeks in them). It is to note that if John Wetton plays on the song, he left the band in June to join Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford in a new avatar of King Crimson (and the best in my eyes). The B-side in a non-album track, so is interesting although not particularly worthwile. Enjoy it here. Since there was no cover sleeve, or, in some countries, an ugly one, I did one from the song title, trying to keep the general visual ambiance surrounding the band's imagery at the time. Note that the first video below is from the vinyl version when the one in the rar file is from the digitally mastered one.