The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood (2010)

I don't want to be too often apologetic since you finally won't believe me anymore but The Body is really what I'm desperately and enthousiastically in search of when I'm travelling on the web, in quest of something exciting to listen to. You'll say that I'm quite late this time since the 3xLP vinyl was released in July 2010 and I agree I'm not the most vigilant and trusty blogger for experimental music, but after all, the worst would have been not to discover them. They are 2, they are from Rhode Island, and they do one of the most inovative music since Khanate or Gnaw Their Tongues. As said one blog (here) "you could write a master's thesis on how awesome this album is". I definitively agree and it would much less boring shit than most of the theses. Consisting in 7 tracks that make us travel through incredibly various and unusual sonor universes, this would have been without hesitation in my Top 10 of 2010 if I had discovered it before. It's a rather tuff experience to endure, but it deserves to be tried. We have only one life after all. And as Bataille said, "without extreme life doesn't worth it". If, like me, you had missed it, enjoy it here. And please, don't keep stuck to the old 70's stuff, really, this kind of masterpiece is the great music of our times. If you like music, how comes you can't appreciate the one of our times. Do you imagine Bach's fans not appreciating Shostakovitch? (wrong example since I think there are many). Their myspace here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, re-uploaded please!


Anonymous said...


Reupload, please.


dkelvin said...

Sorry but I had problems with this band. They asked to close my mediafire account cos' of stuff from them I posted. So I won't do it anymore.
Thx for understanding