The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre (2011)

I learn only today that The Devil's Blood disbanded in 2013 and more dramatic, that Selim Lemouchi killed himself last April. Three years ago, I decided not to post anymore albums from bands in activities that should be supported and their music bought (there is much more direct way to pay them now than a few years ago). I had up this album and it was removed by mf. But now, I feel it's a way to make the Selim music lives throughout his death (same as Lifelover). So I reup on M (here) and hope it will stay. Really, this album is one of the milestones of the beginning of this century. And (for me) there are not much but I may be wrong, I barely listen to everything as I used to last century.

As a fan of Shocking Blue and doom, it's no surprise I definitively dig The Devil's Blood (could call themselves The Shocking Red) who often sounds as Shocking Blue turning doom. Both are from Nederland, the real 3rd country for music. But more than that, the band succeeds in creating real fucking good songs, and, as for Uncle Acid & the deadbeats, this deserves to be saluted. If we lived on a planet where people had still functional ears, this LP would have been one of the biggest seller of the year. We're far from this reality unfortunately. Here, you got 10 songs that I wouldn't expect a contempory band to be able to compose. OK, it's close to nostalgia but I don't care. Moreover, the singer, Farida Lemouchi has a voice I really like, a mix between (of course) Mariska Veres (on "Fire Burning") and PP Arnold, imagine my jubilation. And if all the sexist comments of the metal reviewers about her body silhouette could stop, it would be a real relief. Personally I think she's gorgeous. I missed them recently in Paris and I'm very angry against me. I must be more vigilant on the concerts in this city of no-fun. Some of the below pictures were taken from here.

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