Drear - s/t (2007)

You saw that We Will Use Your Blood For Fertilizer was in my 2011 top (forgo)10 (here) although recorded in 2009 but released last year. So, if you credit me of some judgement in matter of music, maybe you listened to it, and if you loved it, here their previous recording (don't know how to call these 3-track MP3 formats with 30 min on). I don't like the name of demo. For me, it's a finished work and could stand proudly next to so-called officially released LP with 60 min of rubbish or previously-heard-1000-times music. If this first shot is not totally the masterpiece of Fertilizer, it's still one of the best thing in the Khanate-influenced doom domain mixed with black metal I ever heard. Hope they'll be out of their relative unotoriety and become famous (and remove one day my file calling me a thief like do most of those who meet success even if blogs have first help them to be heard). Meanwhile, enjoy it here, you won't regret your travel in terror, anguish and chaos, specially the incredibly menacing "Paramount Crematorium"

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Thoroughly appreciated.


Drear (one half of)