Family - Burlesque / The Rocking R's (1972)

In August 1972, one month prior to the Bandstand LP release, the band issues this single with the A-side a band like the Faces would have dreamed to compose. Very Stonian, it's a hit, and should have reached an higher place in the charts than this modest n°13 (but it stayed 12 weeks in them). It is to note that if John Wetton plays on the song, he left the band in June to join Robert Fripp and Bill Bruford in a new avatar of King Crimson (and the best in my eyes). The B-side in a non-album track, so is interesting although not particularly worthwile. Enjoy it here. Since there was no cover sleeve, or, in some countries, an ugly one, I did one from the song title, trying to keep the general visual ambiance surrounding the band's imagery at the time. Note that the first video below is from the vinyl version when the one in the rar file is from the digitally mastered one.

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