Family - Live at the Playhouse Theatre (1971)

Happy to re-up this one after request although it's not the best of the band. More details below. Catch it here.

Captured in December 1971, 2 months after the release of their Fearless LP (and during the tour supporting the album, and supported by America, flyer below), the band here is strangely in an inbetween soundland. There's still traces of their Anyway period, but no more the raw and rude approach of songs, and there's not yet the tighter and more compact approach of their future Burlesque period. John Wetton is on the bass and it's a welcome addition. But too often the band weakens its music with the classic impro overindulgence of this era. Released under the name of Family Live on Mystic records in 2000 with a rather ugly cover sleeve (mine is not first class but quite better anyway), this concert recorded by the BBC is an interesting testimony of the band state of mind at this period. Below too, some videos of the band in the second part of 1971.


Anonymous said...

Cool find. The informations are very welcome. Being a KC fan I came to Family through John Wetton's short stand with the band. But no matter if he's in the line-up, they are excellent with or without him. Many thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

Very good sound.
Thank you!

ooglybong said...

Oh, my. Just discovered this amazing blog. Family?!

Any chance of re-upping this live Family concert (with my fav Family lineup, too)?

Thanks so much if this is possible!

dkelvin said...

No problem. I'll do it tonight. I did it for the Complete BBC sessions yesterday

ooglybong said...

Thanks SO much! Great sounding concert!
All the best to you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is at the Playhouse Theatre in Dec 71? The Mystic CD of 2000 says it is in Nov 71 at the Rainbow Theatre....

dkelvin said...

I know but the Bandstand Family fan site seems to state that the concert was actually recorded at the Playhouse http://www.familybandstand.com/holding-the-compass/1971-2
Since they are usually right, I trusted them

Claudia B. said...

Here I don't hesitate to ask for re-up ... PLEASE !!!

Many thanks,