Family - Sweet Desirée / Drink To You (1973)

Sad to end this Family singles story with one of their weakest, "Sweet Desirée" (released as the single extracted from the It's Only A Movie LP released the same month, Septembre 1973) being really a second-hand song (à la Dr John) according to the band's standards, but it seems that it was no more their ambition to be an exploratory reference with this new line-up. So, this single (the 11th) is only interesting because he has a B-side, but since it's a weak song too, this does not add much interest. But it's the last so here it is. And after all, "Sweet Desirée" can be hummed on mornings under the shower and helps to make the day less bleak to face. Later, I'll post some live shows and the complete BBC sessions.

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