Peter Perrett - Falling / My Sweet Angel fake 7" (1996)

Checking my Peter Perrett's posts (with or without The Only Ones) I see that this fake single is the only one that I didn't re-up on M. Not a complete necessity since it was only a personal fantasy, but I think it may give some pleasure to those who are not so familiar with his extre-Only Ones discography. Catch it here.

Here's what should have been a Peter Perrett (and the One) single. Why? Because it's clear when listening to "Falling", that the song was conceived and played on the model of "Another Girl Another Planet" and I doubt this was not in the perspective to release it in single. Why was it shelved for the less commercial "Woke Up Sticky" I don't know but I'm sure that "Falling" would have made much more impact at the times. It's a tonic one, not reaching the genius level of its ancestor, but without hesitation a song that would have surfaced as the best of 1996. To venge it, I therefore created this fake single, putting the hidden song of WokeUp Sticky (the album) on the B-side. It's a wonderful ballad as few others than Peter Perrett has ever been able to compose, play and sing. A perfect single that the net allows me to make almost real 15 years later.

Some girl promising me
She said "you can have all that you see"
That's something, I'll keep it in mind
Know that feeling from a previous life
I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
Right now I don't know who to trust
To be alive I know that I must
I feel like an innocent abroad
At the mercy of the ravaging hoards
I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
It's no way for me to carry on
I feel like I'm in love with everyone, everyone
I feel sick in the stomach with nervous excitement
But is it love?
I feel my temperature rises
I've been fired up on you
But is it love that's coming to me?
Or is it sorry and confused like it used to be?
I feel like an innocent abroad
At the mercy of the ravishing hoards
I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love
I'm falling for her charm
Surely it won't do no harm
A brief exchange of view
Something shiny, something new

My sweet angel
She fell down from heaven
She got sweet dreams
I must go and get some
I want our time again
We'll be right as rain the next time round
As we kiss the skies fall in on me
I can't resist her sweet voice calling me
And my sweet angel
Can't complete a sentence
She got sweet dreams
And a sidereal presence
Time again
It seems like we're through
I remember when I had plans
For me and you
I've been lying here all night long
Waiting for her


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kingpossum said...

Apropos of nothing and everything you do here, hearty thanks. Your work here has inspired me to revisit additional English artists that have fallen off the critical radar, if they ever were even on it here in the U.S. Vital musicians such as Steve Gibbons (whose Down In the Bunker is an all-time favorite of mine), Frankie Miller and Mickey Jupp.

Thank you for the focus on the artists you support here and the further explorations it inspires.


geololo said...

Merci pour tous ces singles, plutôt rares voire introuvables, de Peter Perrett, qui fait partie de ces songwriters exceptionnels au talent immense mais relativement méconnus, hélàs (je pense à Chilton, aussi, mort en 2010 dans la quasi indifférence générale).

TeddyB said...

Love your blog. Is there any chance of posting the 1990 demos with John Perry?

dkelvin said...

Unfortunately I don't have them