Peter Perrett & The One - Cultured Palate (1994)

A missed re-up from the most underrated and undeserved forgotten period of Perrett's career, since none of the songs he composed for the One were to pale compare to previous ones. Catch it here. I'm using this post to wonder when Perrett will offer us his new songs on a studio LP. Time's passing man.

Twelve years after The Only Ones died in a total mess, Peter Perrett was finally out from nowhere and back among the livings with a new band called The One. Not that a possible Perry-Perrett come-back had not been on the way, actually they had recorded several tracks together (where are they and who will one day release them por favor?) but it seemed Peter Perrett and the people around him preferred to start from nothing and try a palingenesis. Musically, it will be a complete success, but commercially unfortunately not. This first EP was not intended to be released and was only a demo. It will be the weakest release of the band (there will be 2 EPs and 1 LP) but it's still a collection of 4 great songs and it was clear that Peter Perrett was still one of the most gifted and touching songwriter of his generation (in this period, there was Dave Kusworth who was in a same mood). The sound is not polluted by any bad production habits of the times, but the bad era was over, killed by grunge. The band is competent even if not brilliant, playing often as the Who (on "Twilight World" for example). And the shivering machine always in the voice's modulation of our hero.


Jay Webster said...

Hey man, reckon you could re-up this one? Been listening to all your Only Ones uploads all day long. Always been a fan, but there was so much missing from my collection. Thank you!

DJ Stix said...

Nice stuff. Pete Perret used to come to a shop i worked in as a teenager.Nice guy :)

kingpossum said...

Gleaming. Thank you for the re-up.