Al Kooper - Act Like Nothing's Wrong (1977)

In the destructive (self and others one) state of mood I'm in tonight, all I can imagine listening to is extreme hate sludge or easy listening white soul. This is the latter I chosed with this Al Kooper's LP, released a year I had the head elsewhere (punk time, the Sex Pistols occupied all my attention) and which was the swansong of his career since he did not release anything else over the next 17 years (!!!), except the collaborative album called Championship Wrestling in 1982. It's mainly a soul album, very influenced by the Motown sound (the one of the Temptations, all periods), and it's (sometimes) mellow and naive approach of the genre still spread this little charm that Al Kooper (with Todd Rundgren) have when they do it. But there are various styles in it (even Little Feat-influenced country-rock with "In My Own Sweet Way",and Harrison-influenced "Hollywood Vampire"). There are some great tunes in it that makes it an underrated album. I'm not sure the cover sleeve helped to sell the LP (actually, I'm rather sure it didn't). Add this one to your Al Koollection. Enjoy it here.

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sietsegueri said...

I'm pretty sure Prince got inspired by this cover sleeve. It's almost a quotation.

Prince Lovesexy

Maybe somebody should put up a contest of sexy androgynous art covers.