Blood Red Water - Tales of Addiction and Despair (2012)

At last a sludge band and an album I can say I totally adhere to. It was a long time such a genre did not provide something that match my aural taste and my mental state. More striking, they are from Venice, Italy, a city not associated with this kind of muddy music in everyone's mind, but to have been there once (a wonderful souvenir I must say), I think it's less surprising it could appear. Musically imagine a mix between Buzzov.en, EyeHateGod, Upsidedown Cross and even Drunk with Guns. I feel that some of you (those with the best tastes) must be salivating. But Blood Red Water are absolutely not a retro-band (even if this music is without any time belonging) and they have developped their own style, maybe more noisy (Bastards influenced on several tracks, maybe the band we think the most to when listening this album) than the ones cited above. Slower too. Simpler too. Sometimes this rock is not far to be garage. But who cares all these useless descriptions. Listen to it here and then support the band here. One of the best releases of 2012 and will surely stay on the top 20. For info, the drummer is a lady and she's very good.

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