Deviniance - Samsara EP (2009)

A little break from the seventies stuff (but stay online, more to come for you oldies diggers). And more atmospheric drony-sludge-post-rock for those among you who don't fear to have a listen to more contemporaries stuff. Don't know anything from this band (disbanded since this EP) from Sweden (some have formed In the Hearts of Emperors it seems) that I had missed 2 years ago. This 3-track EP mixed great atmospheric sludge ("Postponed. End") with pure drone ("Samsara") and post-rock ("Is This Where We Started") but this makes a sort of tryptic that you can drown in when outside it's cold and dark. This kind of music is the most consolating for lonely souls I've ever listened to in my long life, the reason why it surely will be the only one (with Peter Perrett and Schubert) that I'll finish my life with. Sad they did not offer us more. Meanwhile, put this little gem in your musical treasure store. Enjoy it here.


[ÐŵMﻉЯ] said...

Samsara's link is broken, can u fix it? this is one of the best bands I ever heard, I lost their material in my old computer. Please if someone have it I'll really like to found this ep, thanks in every way

dkelvin said...

Yes great band.
I reupload it tonight