JFG & Winter Of Love - Like A Dog / Brutus fake 7" (2012)

Fourth re-up of JFG, here with a line-up called Winter Of Love, actually they were two, Olivier Bernet (responsible for the gorgeous orchestration) and JFG (responsible for the gorgeous everything else). They recorded in 2012 a full album that is, according to my standards, wonderful, but unfortunately it was never issued. A complete shame. Not impossible I publish it here if JFG gives me the authorization one day. Meanwhile, here a (fake) single, that could have been such a great one. Catch it here. The A-side ("Like A Dog") was used as the soundtrack of the end credits of a Marjane Satrapi film called "The Voices" (see the clip below) in a very different (and less my taste) version. I also discovered tonight that Sophie Theaux, a young multidisciplinary artist that I knew and who was a friend of JFG, had made a clip with her art with the same song as the backing track (see below too). It's a great emotion for me since she died 2 years ago, I think it was in November, my memory is failing. My tears are not. The B-side "Brutus" is also stunningly haunting and moving. This man is a completely underrated genius and I'm sick that he didn't find the way to large public acclaim when there is such a load of bullshit meeting success. Fed up with shitty tastes of my contemporary humanity. As usual with re-ups, the text from the previous post below.

I know you are 300 to visit this blog each day. Several among you are kind enough to write to me that they share my tastes, even if these are sometimes quite different from the mainstream one. So please, do me a favor. Listen and support JFG, a great singer, composer, performer, in the tradition of Robyn Hitchcock, Wreckless Eric, Peter Perrett, Dan Treacy with a early Fall touch, and some more that you sure, like me, consider as great ones. He's the one for our times. I posted a compilation (here) and 2 singles (here and there) previously. Here is a 3rd one from a soon to release album recorded with some musicians under the name of Winter of Love. The album is great, in the vein of Dukes of Stratosphear or even Polyphonic Spree. Here, I selected a song that should make it in single, its tune being one of these standards you hum under the rain on shitty days everyone seems a moron but you don't care. Although you feel like a dog, and need a hug never any woman will give you, too much occupied to have a career to do, a rubbish to buy, hair to cut or another man to fuck with. The B-side (named "Brutus", a dog name for sure) is one of the most delicate and moving melody you'll hear this year probably. So, now, while you wait for this new album to be issued, go here and there to buy his previous stuff. It's prime choice, you won't regret it. 

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