Kim Fowley - Back on the road to nowhere / Share the night fake 7"

A Kim Fowley re-up, because we must never forget those that helped us to live through their music, word or any way, and who died. As we would like not to be forgotten by those whom we helped with our more modest means. A gret sad song by this falsely superficial artist. Here.

Sad day. Kim Fowley has posted on facebook he was going back to hospital for a bladder cancer recall surgery!. He added "Please pray for me. I need all the help I can get. To my enemies: Be careful, because only the good die young & Kim Fowley is hard to kill, & slow to die". So, here is a prayer in the form of a fake single containing 2 songs probably recorded during the same session (but when? I would say in the end of the seventies) and that were included on the Hotel Insomnia compilation released in 1992 and on which songs and demos from various sessions captured between 1968 and 1985 were aggregated. I will try to post the songs from this compilation on different fake 7", EPs or LPs since compiled in chronological disorder, they lost a bit of their charm. So here are these 2 gems, with a divine violin, a moody atmosphere, and sad lyrics rather relevant to the today's situation of Kim. I never ever thought that a world without Kim Fowley might exist since I follow him since 1972 (I was 14). But time kills us all. However, I can assure you, if you didn't know these songs, that you'll be sure after them that he was not only the freaky character everyone describes, but also a sensitive songwriter and singer. Enjoy it and pray for him when listening to them. For the cover sleeve, I used a picture taken by Susan Burnstine (site here). If you look on the left of the image, you can see a ghostly face that seems to be Kim's one. Very haunting.


musicyoucan said...

To complete all you re-uploaded on Kim Fowley's stuff, can you re-up this one ?
Many Thanks

musicyoucan said...

Thank you so much. Cheers. Musicyoucan

Teenage News said...

thanks so much! love all the fowley, and will take more :)