KozybunX - Practice Room EP (2010)

A hell of a piece of doom for lovers of the old Electric Wizard, the one we love (here more specifically Let Us Pray and its psychedelic flavor). This polish band has released this demo 2 years ago (January 2010) but I don't find anything about them since this release. Too bad. Imagine Sleep meeting Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats under the cult of Electric Wizard and you got this splendid sinister and demoniac shit. There's everything I appreciate in doom when it's far from metal and very close to the most tribal noise rock has ever produced. Mostly instrumental, the voices are often samples of films or some screaming vocals that still add to the terror of this music. Hope they'll reactive this patronym with something this good. I forgot to say they're from Germany. Enjoy it here. I promise you won't regret it. Their bandcamp there. No picture from them to provide. So I posted 2 pictures of Theda Bara who provided the illustration of their cover sleeve. Good choice they did.


Joe B. said...

Hate To Be a Bother But, Any Chance of A Upload For England's Glory "The First And Last" CD? Dying to get a hold of it, And I Cant Find it Anywhere!

dkelvin said...

I posted it in two parts, one under the name of England's Glory (http://dkandroughmix-forgottensongs.blogspot.com/2011/12/englands-glory-trouble-in-world-fake-ep.html) and the other under the name of Peter Perrett (http://dkandroughmix-forgottensongs.blogspot.com/2011/11/peter-perrett-1972-tape-1972.html)