Leon Russell - Live in Japan (1973)

Second in this today series of Leon Russell re-up. Hope I'll put some new live stuff from him here someday. Meanwhile, if you missed the previous posts, take it on the new link here and you'll have long hours of pure hearing pleasure to come.

Another Leon Russel reup. Don't know why the rs link didn't work. It's fixed. A good opportunity to remind how this guy was (and still is time to time) great to shake a sleeping audience and makes it reach some trance. Below what I wrote in the original post.

One year and a half after his show at Long Beach Arena (August 1972) that will provide the soundtrack for the 3-LP Leon Live album, Leon Russell is in Japan and a concert is recorded in November 1973 at Budokan and will provide a Japan-only release, an habit in these times. This concert shows a Leon Russell tranformed in a sort of preacher leading his flocks to the trance in a sort of cosmic gospel ceremony that never any other would ever create again on this planet. And to drive Japanese to the trance with music is quite a challenge. If the LP takes quite a time to start (the 2 first songs could have been replaced with other ones), then the trance is growing and culminating in an incredible medley after which you wonder if you were still on earth while hearing it. On the CD version there is an earlier show (with a weaker sound but interesting however) that I'll post here on its own. Meanwhile, put yourself in trance.


bd said...

Wow...some nice Leon Russell, but the link is dead. Any chance of a repost on this one?

Love your blog, love your take on the music.

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That's been reup on rs.
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Thank you for this nice presentation that makes me feel like downloading this one instantly.

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Thanks, great!