The Reflections (feat. Mark Perry) - Slugs and Toads (1981)

In 1981, it was becoming difficult to follow Mark Perry. After Alternative TV, ATV, the Good Missionaries and solo stuff, he was associating with Nag from The Door and the Window and Karl Blake from the Lemon Kittens for this LP released on Cherry Red under the name of The Reflections. Actually, maybe it should have been released under the name of ATV since here, finished are the really extreme experimentations and back the song format. Even if Nag often sings, Mark Perry fans will find what they love in their hero's approach of music and vocals. Here, the version of Rocky Erickson' "Interpreter" is great (in streaming below) and Nag sometimes seems to imitate Mark Perry (the wonderful "Clammed Up"). Of course it's lo-fi and DIY record but no matter when the emotion is here. Thanx to the great DIE or D.I.Y ? blog (here) for having uploaded this gem and to the ATVMPdiscography there for the good definition cover sleeve (designed by Danielle Dax). You can listen to the first song of the LP, "Tightrope Walker", here.

the interpreter where is he now
will he burn like the devil, will he eat my scowl
the interpreter does he still steal
will he fill up my shoe like no other can do
the interpreter out of the land of the free
will he hand you his car, will he hand you his keys
the interpreter where is he now
will his word shine like the devil, will he eat my scowl
the interpreter united nations
the possession of minds
least i've mine
the interpreter where is he now
transparency invisibly disguised
the interpreter where is he now
the war is over, the winning hasn't even begun
the interpreter where is he now
will he burn like the devil, will he leave my scowl


Nick Allison said...

Hey thanks for the plug! You are a man of exquisite taste. Van Der Graaf, The Only Ones, and ATV! Can`t go wrong there.
I suspected that the French had better taste than just obsessing about the Stones,Doors,Hallyday,and bloody Bob Marley!! I live there so I know its a hell for the alternative music fan/artist.
Keep fighting the good fight mate!
Nick of Die or DIY?

dkelvin said...

ahaha. Best comment I ever had on this blog. And a true picture of French awful tastes (and you omitted some more rubbish they like here). Since I sometimes go not far from your place, I'll maybe make a jump to say some bad things on French and good on music.
Your blog is a must
And your iron work too
I wish I haf found them before. I would have bought one for my bed.

Nick Allison said...

Cheers. I do discounts for anyone on my 'Good Blogs R Us' list.
My neighbour always goes on about ' ze Ten years After' and 'Lynard Skynard'(he pronounces that worse than I do). And Phil Collins is revered as some kind of God here????
But there are some good french groups out there....er that UFO Gestapo are quite superb.I admit to being a fan of Stinky Toys, and Magma.Now i'm struggling...but i'm sure there are more.
Put answers on a piece of paper and adress it to President Sarkozy...and make it quick before he's no longer our leader (ha!)!
Bonsoireéeeee Nick

dkelvin said...

Oh yes, I'm a UFO Gestapo addict (2 posts on this blog). There's Huata too (posts too). And JFG too (posts too). And Sarkozy Go To Hell (a band that I hope more than 50% of French will form to send this ugly midget out of the presidence).

Anonymous said...

could you re-up?