Spelljammer - Vol. II (2012)

After KozybunX, here another unmissing LP for all Electric Wizard's Let Us Pray aficionados. This band from Sweden proposes one of the most monstruous and convincing contempory way to make perdure the Wizard heritage (and Sleep's one too, and therefore Black Sabbath's one of course). It's exactly the music you need when you like sounds that create atmospheres of voodoo, black mess and imaginary rituals dedkated to the devil. They do it with a richness of ideas that make them masters of darkness for sure. The stoner dimension of their music (in particular on "Space Reefer") should help to make them quite successful since this always catch more ears than pure sludge doom. Enjoy it here and then go to support them on their bandcamp there and buy in every format you want (except CD or vinyl I fear). A good way to bring back to life this blog after some days off and some thrill about its survival. Not sure it will last unfortunately. Take what you can the quickest you can before definite closing.

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