Umberto - Final Exit (2011)

Final Exit is the title of a book by Derek Humphry, published in 1992 and consisting in technical advises to die correctly when you are in terminal phase of some incurable illness, but it can be used if you want to kill yourself and want not to miss yourself or stay with sequels instead of leaving life. Umberto, from Kansas, created this soundtrack for your last moments. Their presentation of this piece of music is clear and say it better than I could "The aim of this track, the only one, that compose the record is to accompany the last moments of your life. 15 minutes to reach that peace of mind that you need to abandon the temporal and embrace the great unknown. Every B side is needless: who will turn the record ?". Not the kind of music I use to post here but honestly I like it very much. 15 min is maybe a little short to reach death with the Humphry's technic (actually I don't remember the time it takes, maybe it's 15 min after all, I read it 10 years ago and still have it for eventual use). I can't help to think to the wonderful Paddy McAlloon LP called I Trawl The Megahertz. Or Tangerine Dream's old and best period. All in all, a welcome sonor help for our last moments. Find it here. And then support them in buying (2$ only) it there.

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