Malasangre - Lux Deerit Soli (2012)

A very long time I hadn't heard such a fantastic album of funeral doom. This is one. And I am all the most surprised to hear the mixed reviews of several so-called specialized sites who, apparently, have lost their aural taste listening too much second-hand shit for their chronicles. Malasangre is an Italian band, and this is their new LP after 7 years off. The black metal voice of the singer, the obessive and macabre construction of riffs, the growing intensity, the lyrism in the arrangements, all this makes this 2 tracks LP (35 min each) one of the best album of the year so far. There is also a certain Khanate flavor that makes things still more exciting. I can't imagine fans of Skepticism, Moss or Khanate won't adopt this new opus as the sonor coffin of their suicidal thoughts. Enjoy (if the term is appropriate)here. For me, it's pure masterpiece. In particular "Na Ma", the second track, one of the highobscurity of the year without a doubt.


Mott The Hoople - Rock 'n' Roll Queen / The Road To Birmingham 7" (1969)

Sorry, I can't listen to something else than Mott these days, so I go on in the posts about this band. Here their first single, a masterpiece in its style, a manifesto of what this band would be about. A thick and heavy way to play the Stones on A-side, and a thick and heavy way to play Dylan on B-side. And at the end, being better than the Stones and Dylan (yes I think what I'm writing even if I know both ones have done some genius records in their life). The A-side was on their first LP but here it's in the mono and edited version of the single, not the version driven from the album. The B-side was a non-LP Hunter's ballad and nothing else than a wonderful one. What else can I say? Not much actually. More to come. And enjoy it here (before censorship hits me one day). PS. True good idea Ian Hunter shaved his Gary Brooker style moustache. Sorry, no streaming, tilidom is said to be temporary unavailable. Maybe tomorrow.


Strage - The Fire in Hell (2012)

My second coup-de-coeur is for a band from South Africa called Strage, and who proposes freely his new (and first) 5-track album here. They are affiliated under the banner of Cult of Luna or Pelican but honestly, I think they do a much more "human" music. Think Sleep and Kyuss playing some Pelican-like themas and you got an approximate idea of the music played by this trio. Among the vast amount of new releases I listened to, this all-instrumental band is the only one (with Fire in the Cave, see previous post) I felt necessary to promote here. I would like that you dl these new shits the same as you do with old ones. Unfortunately, it's not the case. Music is not only for masturbating on souvenirs but for fucking with new stuff. Enjoy it here.


Fire in the Cave - s/t EP (2012)

I must confess (although I'm a complete atheist) that these last weeks, I was not able to find, among the dozens of new releases in doom/sludge/noise/dark metal I listened to, anything that deserved, at least in my views, to feature on this blog. After the fantastic LP from the Black Skies (here) and the excellent last offers from Valve (here), Spelljammer (here), Blood Red Water (here) and Witchstone (here), everything paled in comparison. This blog is not here to promote all the bands that require it (such as so many blogs about these musical styles) but to celebrate the bands I think are over the mass, the ones who propose something I think is exceptional. This is the case with 2 bands, the first being this monstruous quintet from Florida (Orlando) who reaches some summit when it comes of sludgy riffs, muddy symphonic accents, horrific and heavy as hell melodic themas. Mixing more genres I have the place to describe here, they are one of the most aggressive and killing music I heard since Meth Drinker last year (here). And they sometimes cut the climax with quiet parts that make the whole more sapid than we would have dreamed it could be. Don't hesitate to run (virtually) on their bandcamp to support them (here). Meanwhile have a try here.


Mott The Hoople - Downtown / Home Is Where I Want To Be 7" (1971)

This is the second attempt of Mott in 1971 to have a hit single, and what a strange idea to chose this song (covered by Neil Young on his Tonight's The Night LP some years later) written by the Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, who will die next year of drug overdose. Strange since it's the sort of songs that was totally fitting in Crazy Horse repertoire but certainly not in Mott's one. Moreover it's Mick Ralphs who sings it and not Ian Hunter. Not really appropriate to install the band sound in the ear memories. The song and the cover are rather anecdotical but not easy to find so here it is. The B-side is not better, drivent from Wildlife, also written and sung by Mick Ralphs, and also more US folk-rock inspired than really Mott world. Ralphs had a rather bad influence on the band during the summer 70-summer 71 period, and it was urgent that Ian Hunter took the lead again. You understand that this was a complete mistake single that failed miserably when released in September 1971. For curiosity, take it here. Below a picture of Danny Whitten, not long prior to his death. The cover sleeve is a fake I created myself since the original single had none.


Mott The Hoople - Midnight Lady / The Debt 7" (1971)

After the commercial failure of Wildlife, and during sessions for a putative but unreleased AC/DC LP (see a previous post), the band finds that it would be a good idea to record with the famous producer Shadow Morton and notably a song aimed at being a hit. It would be a miss and, in Spring 1971, the single will faded unnoticed. It's true that it's far from being one of their best. On the B-side, a wonderful Hunter's ballad ("The Debt") that has been added in the AC/DC re-created LP. The cover sleeve was awful, the kind we were used to between 1970 and 1972. Enjoy this forgotten 7" here.

There goes happiness Down that stream Pick me up, put me down again Just when I was on my feet I get stoned every day My best friends, they both went away It's a debt And I've got to face it alone Been a long long time now Been a long time high Making up promises that went While I'm in the sky Ain’t a clue, not a trace I see her all over my face It's a debt I've got to face it alone
And in my sleep, my troubled mind Won't let go leave the past behind It's a drag, so it seems I must live my life in dreams I must laugh while the other man weans Guess it's the season Brings a man down All my fingers are stuck on my toes And my feet are off the ground Yesterday the world went away I can't seem to find the strength to play It's a debt I've got to face it alone
And in my sleep my troubled mind Won't let go leave the past behind It's a drag, so it seems I must live my life in dreams I must laugh while the other man weans Guess it's the season Brings a man down All my fingers are stuck on my toes And my feet are off the ground Yesterday the world went away I can't seem to find the strength to play It's a debt I've got to face it alone It's a debt I've got to face it alone


Valve - s/t (2012)

I'm not a nationalist, even not a patriot, but it's always a true satisfaction, even a proudness, to have a good band in this country not really known for its ability to make interesting rock music over the half century. But now, after Huata, UFO Gestapo, Lumberjack Feedback, Modern Funeral Art and some more, I've the pleasure to post a new one providing some devilish bad vibes to the world, and this is a great offer you'll agree I'm sure. What is their style? The best is to listen below on their bandcamp, but in a few words let's only say it's in no way a plagiarism of some other UK/US/Nordic band (as too often here) but a singular approach of post-rock sludge (think Ocean) with a Godflesh sound flavor and a real wildeness often a little overplayed in this country. There are also some death metal reminiscences (more specifically Meathook Seed) and calm post-rock moments rather rare in this music style (eg. the 1st minute of "Into the Shadow of the Black Sun"). A complex mix of several of the extreme metal of the last 30 years, but never boring or intellectualized. I got no more to say than "go and buy their CD here they need some cash to go on". However they offer it freely and it's so usual in France where bands have often a retrograde vision of relations of musicians with their work, considered as a product to protect and sell and not spread and offer. Enjoy it here.


Witchstone - s/t EP (2012)

Imagine Kyuss without their desert atmosphere but digging a macabre and dark one instead, imagine Sleep being a little less sludgy or (according to the period) Sabbath-imitators, and you'll have an idea of the music played by this new and great band from Canada (Calgary). Actually, Black Sabbath is their main influence, more specifically the Paranoid/Master of Reality period one, but what is interesting here is that you don't feel here the problematic retro-band approach of much of the Sabbath "suiveurs". They play it fresh and contempory, even if of course Iommi is the guru of the guitar player (listen to the solo of "The Devil's Bridge"). They add to the Sabbath heritage the growing intensity of Stoner and some Sludge elements. They offer their EP (25 min so not far from an LP) on bandcamp. I hope they'll have some solid format to sell one day. Didn't find any picture of them on the net (neither on their myspace and didn't find any facebook page). So we have only their drawn skull for illustrating this post. Go quick here to enjoy or go to hell.