Fire in the Cave - s/t EP (2012)

I must confess (although I'm a complete atheist) that these last weeks, I was not able to find, among the dozens of new releases in doom/sludge/noise/dark metal I listened to, anything that deserved, at least in my views, to feature on this blog. After the fantastic LP from the Black Skies (here) and the excellent last offers from Valve (here), Spelljammer (here), Blood Red Water (here) and Witchstone (here), everything paled in comparison. This blog is not here to promote all the bands that require it (such as so many blogs about these musical styles) but to celebrate the bands I think are over the mass, the ones who propose something I think is exceptional. This is the case with 2 bands, the first being this monstruous quintet from Florida (Orlando) who reaches some summit when it comes of sludgy riffs, muddy symphonic accents, horrific and heavy as hell melodic themas. Mixing more genres I have the place to describe here, they are one of the most aggressive and killing music I heard since Meth Drinker last year (here). And they sometimes cut the climax with quiet parts that make the whole more sapid than we would have dreamed it could be. Don't hesitate to run (virtually) on their bandcamp to support them (here). Meanwhile have a try here.

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