JFG & the Irregulars - Passing Through / Casablanca Moon fake 7" (2012)

Third single from JFG re-uped. Driven from the Bordeaux/Berlin album (here). Again a fake single but should habe a real one. Catch it (here). Note that the songs included in previous posted one (here)  feature in the album but in different version. Those in the single were actually from the Home Recordings and not from Bordeaux/Berlin.

One of the most hidden musical secret of our times is the genius of JFG. Not a surprise for those who visit this blog regularly since I posted previously several LPs or fake singles from this extraordinary composer. After the great Winter of Love LP some months ago, here a fresh new CD, recorded with his (Ir)Regulars, somewhere between France and Germany during their German tour last spring. Not a live LP anyhow but 12 songs perfectly well produced in studio. Some featured on previous releases but all in new versions, other songs are new. As usual, it's totally stunning and deserves to be in your playlist of this year. If you dig Jonathan Richman, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Perrett, Wreckless Eric, Vic Godard, the Jazz Butcher, Perfect Disaster and even the Fall or the Strokes, you shouldn't miss such an artist. And of course if you dig Slapp Happy since the B-side of this fake single is a cover of their "Casablanca Moon" (sung by Julie Mercadié, the backing vocal girl of the band, here in front voice, JFG backing her). The A-side is a personal choice, a song about feeling unwell with others in some mundane context, a feeling I had so many times in my life it explains I'm rather an ermit today. And more than the lyrics, the song is a winner, the kind you listen to on mornings to give you some motivation to confront all the day's shit that is waiting for you outside. And buy it then anywhere you can find it (e.g. here), you won't be deceived. And you, numerous US visitors, try to convince some label to distribute it in your land.

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