Kim Fowley - 666 (2012)

Now that Kim is dead, I'm less inclined not to post his late material for free. He was rather angry at me in 2012 seeing I provided his stuff for free here but honestly I thought it was more a way to help his music to live and be spread than to steal him. Since my rs account was shelved 2 years ago, I didn't re-up it until he died but now I feel it's the time to reactivate his late work since it's great Specially this album with wonderful tracks such as "Hungry Hospital" or "Dreams and Nightmares". I'll re-up the two other LPs he released between 2012 and 2013. Sad I don't have any percision about the musicians and composers. If you do please help. I did another (fake) cover sleeve driven from his photo session with Kelly Cunningham and Brad Elterman (and shot in 2013). The original one (as the others from that year) really use awful visual effect. Hope mine is more in line with the content. Catch it here. I put my first post and the original cover sleeve (except the back I had done myself too) below.

Some of you may think Kim Fowley did great albums only in the 60's and 70's, others may be less severe but consider that in the last 10 years he didn't issue anything as strong as he used to. They are wrong. Given that 2012 seems to be Kim's year with no less than 3 LPs out or on the way out, it's a mandatory mission for me to post one of them here to illustrate my point. My point is that Kim Fowley is the only living artist in the rock to do music as essential in 2012 than in 1968. Age doesn't seem to have any effect on his singularity, inventivity, subversivity, deepness, poetry. 666 has been released in January and is truly a wonderful and exciting piece of music. Not a weak song, not a jokey track, a renewed profoundness in the themas and the way to sing them. Most of the texts are about his experience with illness and hospital. It provides often the same thrilling feelings that the best Paddy McAlloon songs in the Prefab Sprout era. What more can I say except this? It's one of his best album to date and will be one of the albums of the year so far to my ears. Don't limit yourself to the dl of this LP. Go then on itunes (here) or emusic (there) and BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT for Kim's sake. Bad I don't know anything about the players and composers on this LP cos' they would deserve to be cited. They serve the bad old man of rock 'n' roll with talent.


musicyoucan said...

To complete all you re-uploaded on Kim Fowley's stuff, can you re-up this one ?
Many Thanks

musicyoucan said...

Merci Beaucoup et bonnes fêtes de fin d'année en musique.

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Wow... Thanks so much for your writings and post.

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Thanks for re-upping this! Do you happen to have Strange Plantations?