Kim Fowley - Failure Rock / 1983: Year of the Bleeding Trees fake 7" (1983)

Another re-up in tribute. See below for details. Catch here.

A putative aborted single, these 2 tracks seem to have been recorded in 1983 and maybe Chris Spedding was involved or at least the guitarist tries to sound similarly. Included on the Hotel Insomnia heteroclyte compilation, here they are coupled on the same fake single in order to be heard separately as an individual entity. Not the best he did but pleasant basic rock stuff actually. And the lyrics are, as usual, full of this mix between fake megalomania and real self-disgust. Although I chose "Failure Rock" as A-side (more commercial power), "1983: Year of the Bleeding Trees" (what a song title) is actually much better. Let's go 30 years back and enjoy this putative single (I tried to use a picture of the master in the first hald of the eighties for this fake cover sleeve).


October Country said...

Man, truly The End Of An Era...
The times were high and so was I
Had some good times
The pleasure was all mine
Dancing with my dream
Visions of motorcycles dance inside your head
The day the earth stood still...
Fuckin A...
My International Hero
A real 7th Generation Mutation
Who reminded Us to outrage the world with a smile,
that Love is Alive And Well and to
Freak Out!
The Trip back to Middle Earth
where Hobbits Communicate shivers of pleasure
Doctor Dog Mr. Animal Man Outrageous
St. John Green Son Of Frankenstein!
And the All-Star Monster Band!!
...International Hero is at max volume and
this number's for you KF,
Thank you for Everything Brother

Hey thanks so much for the wonderful KF tributes,
so glad to find to find this sweet place
...only bummer for me is my old computer
won't load mega.co.....oh how I'd love some of these treasures...
if there is any way alternate links could be posted(all the other DL sites work for me),
I would be so grateful,
you'd be another Hero for me!
...I'm looking for:
-all of the 7"-ers (oh man super cool!)
-the Live set @ Nantes 2012 (wow!!!)
-666 (this also slipped under my radar?!?)
I know this is asking a Lot, but my love for KF is too great and these look so awesome!
Thank You my friend,
your bro October :)

dkelvin said...

Sorry but my uploads were removed from mf, then rs, and now I re-up everything on M. The other ones are untrusty and deleted when not dl for a number of days. So try to find a computer that will access to M, I'm rather dubious this is complicated to get M to work on any material.
Thx for kind words

Teenage News said...

Do you have the (kinda) new Hollywood Stars CD? Been trying to find it. Love your site, thanks!