Kim Fowley (& Francis MacDonald) - Fantasy World (2003)

This one is a great one. Shows how Kim Fowley was still able to write fantastic pop songs in the XXIst century (listen to "Captured By The Darkness" to hear what's a great song) that suited him perfectly or could be used and adapted by anyone else. Sad that nobody noticed. But they have better to do certainly. Don't miss this gem here.

This post has several justifications. First, to celebrate the victory of the bad man of rock 'n' roll on death, this bitch was waiting for him during his last bladder cancer operation, but she missed him. He's back and we're proud of him not to have leave us alone. Then because he'll be in France in April and it's a marvellous perspective to, at least, see on stage a man I listen to since 1973 (I was 15 and Outrageous changed my life). Last, to show to those who would think that KFdid only great things during the late 60's early 70's that they are wrong. He had done great ones all over his "career", and even if some of his albums are really nonsense bullshit, some in the last 20 years are jewels. This is one of them. Consisiting in a collaboration with Francis MacDonald, the drummer of Teenage Fan Club and member of BMX Bandits, who plays and arranged everything on the album, KF doing the lyrics and the voice. The result is a wonderful album full of songs that would deserve to be standards (just listen to the 4 below). KF is very severe with him in the booklet (included in the rar file), saying he's not the good one to sing these songs and wishing they would be covered by real singers. I disagree. Everything is better when KF sings it. We don't need good singers. We need real men. And Kim Fowley is real. Few are. So enjoy this gem here. More to come.

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Johann said...

Merci beaucoup, l'album est splendide.