Malasangre - Lux Deerit Soli (2012)

A very long time I hadn't heard such a fantastic album of funeral doom. This is one. And I am all the most surprised to hear the mixed reviews of several so-called specialized sites who, apparently, have lost their aural taste listening too much second-hand shit for their chronicles. Malasangre is an Italian band, and this is their new LP after 7 years off. The black metal voice of the singer, the obessive and macabre construction of riffs, the growing intensity, the lyrism in the arrangements, all this makes this 2 tracks LP (35 min each) one of the best album of the year so far. There is also a certain Khanate flavor that makes things still more exciting. I can't imagine fans of Skepticism, Moss or Khanate won't adopt this new opus as the sonor coffin of their suicidal thoughts. Enjoy (if the term is appropriate)here. For me, it's pure masterpiece. In particular "Na Ma", the second track, one of the highobscurity of the year without a doubt.

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