Mott The Hoople - Downtown / Home Is Where I Want To Be 7" (1971)

This is the second attempt of Mott in 1971 to have a hit single, and what a strange idea to chose this song (covered by Neil Young on his Tonight's The Night LP some years later) written by the Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, who will die next year of drug overdose. Strange since it's the sort of songs that was totally fitting in Crazy Horse repertoire but certainly not in Mott's one. Moreover it's Mick Ralphs who sings it and not Ian Hunter. Not really appropriate to install the band sound in the ear memories. The song and the cover are rather anecdotical but not easy to find so here it is. The B-side is not better, drivent from Wildlife, also written and sung by Mick Ralphs, and also more US folk-rock inspired than really Mott world. Ralphs had a rather bad influence on the band during the summer 70-summer 71 period, and it was urgent that Ian Hunter took the lead again. You understand that this was a complete mistake single that failed miserably when released in September 1971. For curiosity, take it here. Below a picture of Danny Whitten, not long prior to his death. The cover sleeve is a fake I created myself since the original single had none.

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Anonymous said...

Neil Young hardly covered it. That would be like saying Mott the Hoople covered All The Way From Memphis