Mott The Hoople - Rock 'n' Roll Queen / The Road To Birmingham 7" (1969)

Sorry, I can't listen to something else than Mott these days, so I go on in the posts about this band. Here their first single, a masterpiece in its style, a manifesto of what this band would be about. A thick and heavy way to play the Stones on A-side, and a thick and heavy way to play Dylan on B-side. And at the end, being better than the Stones and Dylan (yes I think what I'm writing even if I know both ones have done some genius records in their life). The A-side was on their first LP but here it's in the mono and edited version of the single, not the version driven from the album. The B-side was a non-LP Hunter's ballad and nothing else than a wonderful one. What else can I say? Not much actually. More to come. And enjoy it here (before censorship hits me one day). PS. True good idea Ian Hunter shaved his Gary Brooker style moustache. Sorry, no streaming, tilidom is said to be temporary unavailable. Maybe tomorrow.

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