Strage - The Fire in Hell (2012)

My second coup-de-coeur is for a band from South Africa called Strage, and who proposes freely his new (and first) 5-track album here. They are affiliated under the banner of Cult of Luna or Pelican but honestly, I think they do a much more "human" music. Think Sleep and Kyuss playing some Pelican-like themas and you got an approximate idea of the music played by this trio. Among the vast amount of new releases I listened to, this all-instrumental band is the only one (with Fire in the Cave, see previous post) I felt necessary to promote here. I would like that you dl these new shits the same as you do with old ones. Unfortunately, it's not the case. Music is not only for masturbating on souvenirs but for fucking with new stuff. Enjoy it here.

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