Valve - s/t (2012)

I'm not a nationalist, even not a patriot, but it's always a true satisfaction, even a proudness, to have a good band in this country not really known for its ability to make interesting rock music over the half century. But now, after Huata, UFO Gestapo, Lumberjack Feedback, Modern Funeral Art and some more, I've the pleasure to post a new one providing some devilish bad vibes to the world, and this is a great offer you'll agree I'm sure. What is their style? The best is to listen below on their bandcamp, but in a few words let's only say it's in no way a plagiarism of some other UK/US/Nordic band (as too often here) but a singular approach of post-rock sludge (think Ocean) with a Godflesh sound flavor and a real wildeness often a little overplayed in this country. There are also some death metal reminiscences (more specifically Meathook Seed) and calm post-rock moments rather rare in this music style (eg. the 1st minute of "Into the Shadow of the Black Sun"). A complex mix of several of the extreme metal of the last 30 years, but never boring or intellectualized. I got no more to say than "go and buy their CD here they need some cash to go on". However they offer it freely and it's so usual in France where bands have often a retrograde vision of relations of musicians with their work, considered as a product to protect and sell and not spread and offer. Enjoy it here.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the review dude.
Anthony (vocals in Valve)

dkelvin said...

You're good, you deserve it. Go on again and again, don't let it go.