Witchstone - s/t EP (2012)

Imagine Kyuss without their desert atmosphere but digging a macabre and dark one instead, imagine Sleep being a little less sludgy or (according to the period) Sabbath-imitators, and you'll have an idea of the music played by this new and great band from Canada (Calgary). Actually, Black Sabbath is their main influence, more specifically the Paranoid/Master of Reality period one, but what is interesting here is that you don't feel here the problematic retro-band approach of much of the Sabbath "suiveurs". They play it fresh and contempory, even if of course Iommi is the guru of the guitar player (listen to the solo of "The Devil's Bridge"). They add to the Sabbath heritage the growing intensity of Stoner and some Sludge elements. They offer their EP (25 min so not far from an LP) on bandcamp. I hope they'll have some solid format to sell one day. Didn't find any picture of them on the net (neither on their myspace and didn't find any facebook page). So we have only their drawn skull for illustrating this post. Go quick here to enjoy or go to hell.

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nature said...

thank you for this, and thank you for your blog.. great music.