Grass Is Green - Ronson (2012)

It's only April but you want to be sure to listen to an album that'll feature in your (and others) list of the best LP of the year? I got what you need: Ronson from Grass Is Green. This unexpected and splendid mixture of Drive Like Jehu, Boat, Let's Active, Trail of Dead, Slint and the db's is doing my days, my weeks, my months and will do it for me this year. There's even some Sonic Youth meets Prefab Sprout emanations. Admit that you shouldn't be still reading this commentary and be on their bandcamp to buy (only 5$ and unfortunately no solid format to get) this incredible fresh, complex, intelligent, elegant, touching, modest and thrilling piece of music here. Honestly I got some difficulties to imagine how 4 young men can achieve such a perfect thing in 2012. Years ago it would have seemed less miraculous since there was a trend for this noisy math-pop but today, so many are slipping on sub-musical grounds I declare my admiration for these Bostonians. It's their 3rd album but the first I listen to (I'll try the previous ones when I'll have used this one completely). Don't think they are really exciting on stage, this is more music to hear at home, but I only say this after seeing some videos). This music will sound too university-inclined for many of my doom and sludge visitors and 70's aficionados, but let's have a try for a change (here), you won't be deceived I promise. An absolute must. PS. Don't know if Ronson deals with our Michael Picasso, companion of Bowie, Dylan, Hunter and Morrissey, but it gives the album a little more for me.

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Anonymous said...

Un grand merci pour la découverte, ça brasse tellement de bonnes choses que c'est effectivement difficile de ne pas y trouver son compte. L'album risque de beaucoup tourner.