Ice Dragon - Tome of the Future Ancients (2012)

Surely one of the most impressive album I'll listen to over the year. Not without weak moments, not without technical approximations in the production and playing, but creating a really deleterious atmosphere all the way long. Imagine this album is about 73 min long (finally a double vinyl album) and keeps all along the way a doom path based upon Black Sabbath with a kind of Electric Wizard treatment, but with a much more artisan approach, I would even say lo-fi, far from metal actually and its obsession of efficiency, grandeur, pomposity, technicity. In other ways, I totally adhere to this kind of project. If you're in 70's old shit and you come on this site to catch some, please be curious enough to listen to this gem, I'm sure you won't regret it. And then go here to buy it please. Before, enjoy it here

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