Kim Fowley & Burning Bones - Grease (2012)

Because Kim Fowley should never be forgotten and I'll do my best to help his musical memory to go on, because he's my only model at the onset of oldness (you should invent this word since old age has not the strenght of the French word "vieillesse") for the good way to cope with this body entropy and illness and agony. And because in the last years of his life he recorded some excellent albums such as this one, all in trad. blues style. Catch it here.

Here what Kim Fowley wrote about this album last January "Check out Burning Bones...I'm their lead singer. They are all burn victims that I met in the hospital when I was doing rehab from Bladder Cancer Surgery. We are the ugliest band in Rock N' Roll. We can never play live because 2 guys died since the session, & the other ones are still doing the "skin graft boogie" Pain is the secret element in Rock N' Roll :) ♥". Can't say whether this is the fucking truth or one of this legendary way to rewrite reality that Kim is so good at but what I know is that this 3rd offer from the man in 2012 is another winner, a Kim-Fowley-goes-voodoo-blues that nobody should overlook. There are some immortal gems in this album and more good songs in it than in any of the so-called masterpieces of boring singer-songwriters that the music industry defecates on us all the year long. If I post it, it's not for you to steal money from Kim who needs it to survive but because you'll be able to be sure that it's for you. And go to hell with your Tom Waits, hear the real shit, not arty one dressed in fake crazyness.


musicyoucan said...

To complete all you re-uploaded on Kim Fowley's stuff, can you re-up this one ?
Many Thanks

Lionel Delamotte said...

I agree!
Could you re-up this one, please?