Mott The Hoople - Going Home / Keep 'A' Knocking fake 7" (1970)

Of course I can't remake history, but I'm sure that if Guy Stevens had liked this Stonesian song composed by Mick Ralphs and sung by Ian Hunter (a Guy Stevens idea actually) and recorded in January 1970, and if the band had released it in single during spring 1970 ("with "if", you could put Paris in bottle" says a French expression), they could have been the first heroes of the glam wave that will have to wait until February 1971 and T. Rex's "Hot Love" to appear. Yes, with their approach of the Stones, Mott created the so-specific Bolan's riffs that would enflame teenagers some months later. To verify what I'm saying here, listen to the intro of "Going Home" and you'll know I'm not joking. But not only this song was not issued in single, it was even not retained for the Mad Shadows LP next September and had to wait 10 years to be heard, on the 2 Miles From Heaven compilation. Incredible indeed. And the proof Bolan didn't steal his riffs idea from it. On the B-side, the unreleased studio version of the Penniman's "Keep 'A' Knocking" cover that was included live on the Wildlife LP more than 1 year later. Sad that this single didn't exist. Enjoy it here. Below a picture of Guy Stevens doing the Chuck Berry's duck walk.


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