Mott The Hoople - Live In LA (1973)

Almost a year after the Philadelphia show, it's a very different band we find here. Verden Allen and Mick Ralphs are gone (the latter to form Bad Company with Paul Rodgers), and in are ex-Spooky Tooth Luther Grosvenor (who had to change his name god-knows-why for Ariel Bender), Morgan Fisher and occasionally Blue Weaver. This live show in Los Angeles, caught during their Autumn US tour, is only 4 tracks long (sad but I didn't find more, if you have, let a comment), and has been broadcast it seems by the Midnight Special TV show. The reason why you can see the 4 videos of the songs here, here, here and here (sorry, the guy has desactivated the integration of some of them for some stupid reasons). The sound is not totally satisfying but it can be listened to without too much effort. It's clear (if I may use this term for a so sludgy sound) that the band is much more aggressive that it was in the Bowie period featuring Mick Ralphs. And it's for me the best era of the band, although many (and Ian Hunter first) say that retrospectively Ariel Bender was not the good choice. It's heavy and light, it's bubble gum and pompous, serious and totally weirdos, it's at the best of what glam could be. Enjoy it here. Sorry for the cover sleeve, that's the kind of stupid visuals I do when I feel like a little erotic-kitsch. I thought it was fine with this offer, surely a dude called Angeline driving to Memphis.

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