Mott The Hoople - Live In Stockholm (1971)

Buffin is dead. Sad news although he was seriously ill for some years now (Alzheimer they say). But his great drumming and his wonderful androgyn look made him so special. And he became of course the well-known Peel sessions producer. An opportunity to re-up the Mott LPs that were not still re-available. The first one here. Mott was and will always stay one of my most cherished band.

More than 5 months after the Fairfield Halls concert and some weeks after the failure of the strangely US-folk rock oriented Wildlife to sell decently, we find our boys in Sweden in front of a rather apathic audience. In no way the hot atmosphere of the UK shows although "Walking With A Mountain" (nothing to do with the band they cover "Long Red") will heat their nordic guts . This is the reason this live set broadcasted on a local radio (not the high quality of the Fairfield Halls show but decent however) is relatively weak compared to the usual live standards of the band. The fault is partly due to the setlist, not the best to imagine. But all in all, a good show to share. If you want a respectful sonor version (I mean not the MP3-degraded one), you can find this concert on the All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia Live 71/72 double CD released by Angel Air in 1998. Be careful, on their Live at Fairfield Halls CD, they added the concert minus "Keep 'A' Knocking". More to come.

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