Rituals - s/t (2012)

If, like me you're in the Skullflower era Orange Canyon Mind, your mind will be blown by the first track of this LP ("Cognitive Dissonance"). It's one of the most breathtaking thing I heard for quite a long time. Afterwards, the post-rock à-la Isis dimension is more pregnant but the wilderness of what's played (à-la Neurosis) avoids any rubbishness so frequent in this music style (but now frequent in most of what I listen to, whatever the school the newcomers adhere to). If you are users of this blog, you won't be surprised by my choice, cos' you got here what I love in this mix of extreme sludge-doom-noise I consider the only music providing a credible sound equivalent to our times. All else honestly seems to me rather out of subject (I'm half a century old but don't want to listen to recycle music and needs relevant music as I wanted it when I was 13 and listened to Black Sabbath or Procol Harum). Except some melancholic singers who explore their innerself with all the deadly content (from Melanie to Lana Del Rey). But here we have the soundtrack of our purulent times. There's something of a tribal approach (I'd said Indian, the civilisation and the band) in the drum beat that makes it sound all the more wild and non-WASP. Sometimes it's strangely very very calm and beautiful (the bridge on the end of "Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy", whatever Takotsubo may mean, or the first part of "It Was All Very Sudden").If you miss it, it's a real waste. Enjoy it here. And then go there to support them the best you can (they're from Washington DC). After Vestiges (here) and Alda (there), Replenish records show they are one of the best label of the times.


RobJP said...

Tako tsubo is Japanese.
It means Octopus pot.
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a real condition which is also called "Broken heart syndrome"
The emotional stress of a loved one dying can cause a physical weakening of the heart which can result in death.

Thanks very much for this blog man.
The Body, Valve, Dyskinesia, even Petrychor..
My life is definitely richer for having found it. (and the bands above are all monetarily richer for it too, now that I think about it.)

I don't know if I've just missed them on the blog, or if they're not up your alley, but Amen Ra (and all of their sideprojects) http://www.myspace.com/amenra
and envy http://www.myspace.com/officialenvy/music
make my life richer too.

I'm with you man.

dkelvin said...

Thx a lot Rob for your point on Takotsubo. And thx too for your nice appreciation about FS. I see that you're quite in the same musical fields than I am and I hope we are numerous enough so that these bands can find some echo. I know Amen Ra but I'm not too much in it. I'll go have a listen to Envy.