Ronnie Lane - How Come / Tell Everyone / Done This One Before 7" (1973)

After leaving the Faces, Ronnie Lane formed a band called Slim Chance (maybe the chance he thought he had to have success) and released this first 3 song single that was actually quite successful, staying 3 weeks between the 11th and 12th position in the charts. When I feel the world is really too thick and vulgar, I often listen to Ronnie Lane, one or the most delicate singer songwriter of history. His style may seem a little soft and naive and too much Harrison-influenced, but actually you got here the germs of the Jacobites, the Waterboys, Tom Petty and so much more. Times being quite rough in France these days with the fascist party reaching more than 30% of votes in some parts of the country, I needed Ronnie Lane gentle and nice approach of music to cure my head from this shit (and shit is much more sane than these sub-human brains). The first post about the singles he released during his brief period with this band. To note that the files are in flac. I don't change them in mp3 cause the quality is too much deteriorated afterwards. You just have to have VLC to listen to them. Enjoy it here. Note that "Done This One Before" has been covered by ex-Acid Bath Dax Riggs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for any warm and tender Ronnie Lane, it will stop the nazinationals in Finland too. Cheers for the springtime.

Jobe said...

God I love this site